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2017VACTOR Jet/Vac


DEBRIS TANK: 10 cu yd capacity, dump body, 48" dump height, exten steel cylindrical tank, double acting hoist cylinder, flat rear door w/ hydraulic locks, dual stainless steel float shut off system, debris deflector plate, liquid float level indicator, debris body washout, 6” rear door knife valve w/ camloc w/ port & fixed basket screen, standpipe & screen for port, externally mounted trash pump w/ floating arm, rear door valve flushout, rear door splash shield, debris body load limit alarm tied to vac relief, operator station work light

VACUUM SYSTEM: stainless steel microstrainer prior to blower, hot shift blower driver, 16”Hg PD Blower with only 1650 hours, centrifugal separators, vacuum relief system

WATER SYSTEM: 1000 gallons of water, 80GPM @ 2500PSI side mounted water pump, rodder pump drain valves, 3" Y-strainer @ water pump w/ 3” drain valves, 1" water relief valve, 3" Y-strainer w/ 25' fill hose, air purge, 25GPM PTO driven cold weather recirculation, accumulator system, hydroexcavation kit w/ 50' hose reel, front & rear handgun couplers, low water light w/ alarm and water pump flow indicator, digital water pressure gauge

BOOM: Electric/Hydraulic 4-Way, 180 degree 10' extendable/telescoping boom, front joystick boom control, boom hose storage, telescopic boom elbow, remote pendant control w/ 35' cord, boom worklights, bellypack wireless controls

HOSE REEL: 800' x 1" hose capacity, rotating & 15" hydraulic extending, manual hose wind guide (dual roller), digital hose footage counter, additional footage counter at rear, 

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS & FEATURES: toolboxes, handle tool storage, lube manifold, LED lights, curb and streetside folding tube racks,. tank shutoff valves, front & rear tow hooks, camera system, front and rear

CHASSIS: 2017 International SA637 WorkStar 7500, Navistar N10 diesel engine, 3,700 engine hours,
Allison 3000RDS Transmission, Odometer Showing 29,500 Miles

PTO Hours: 1550




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